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Real Estate is the largest instrument of wealth in the world and as such, it has the power to transform the lives of my clients. Therefore, I deeply appreciate the critical role I play in any given transaction, when consulting my clients in the selling or purchasing of real estate. I also respect the fact that any sale or purchase, may be one of the most important investment decisions my clients will ever make. That’s why for me, as your REALTOR®️, there will be no substitution to careful preparation, skillful execution or alternative to your purchasing or selling success.


Technology is great, but it will never substitute personal service! You can depend on receiving the very best of both from me! I utilize modern communication technologies to make the process of buying or selling convenient for my clients. My clients tell me they love it, since the technologies are easy to use, can save time and needless hours of driving. You’ll love the convenience of using electronic signatures and online screen sharing, where we can quickly review properties together or go over a contract’s finer points, regardless of where you are in the world. I also leverage the power of video to effectively market properties I represent. Additionally, I also provide my clients with insightful video emails, which can deliver a huge amount of valuable information quickly that regular email cannot always deliver. If you own a smartphone, an iPad or tablet, I got you covered! If you don’t, no worries! I have not forgotten to use pen and paper.
Jesus M. Fernandez, Morris Williams Realty


I want to acknowledge and thank all my past clients and friends, for their trust and support throughout my real estate career. It is because of you and your confidence in me that I have enjoyed so much success! I worked hard to earn your business, and you rewarded me with your confidence and trust. Your past and future recommendation to family and friends, are truly appreciated! I look forward to the day, when I can be of service to you again. Thank you!


Like you, I just don’t hire anybody to do a job. I only hire qualified people I can trust, and can trust to get the job done! In any of the areas in which I specialize in, you can rely on my years of experience, to go to work for you!

Residential Sales:
I use my proven marketing / sales plan, consisting of 7 components and 32 actionable points, to gets properties sold! The properties I represent, receive massive market exposure, when I list them. They are marketed locally, nationally and internationally; in over 100 countries, in more than 800 websites and in 19 different languages.

Expired Listings:
Where other agents or for sale by owners have failed to sell a property, I have a tract record of success. I specialize in listing and selling properties that have experienced a failed sales attempt by an agent or a homeowner. When the correct steps are taken, a property sells quickly and for the highest possible price! I take pride in listing and selling properties before the sales contract expires.

Property Staging Expert:
If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail! While you can’t do anything about your property’s location, you can certainly highlight your property’s features and make your property more attractive to prospective buyers. It does not take thousands of dollars to enhance a property’s appeal. On the other hand, you can lose a fortune if you fail to properly prepare your property for the sale. I provide my selling clients with insightful tips and inexpensive staging ideas, which gets their properties sold quickly and for the highest possible price.

Distress Property Owners:
Most homeowners that face foreclosure due to job loss or illness, sadly lose their homes. Unfortunately, 75% of these poor people, never consult with a professional real estate agent, trained in all areas of housing, who can possibly keep them from losing their homes. Instead, too often, they hire an attorney to try to keep them in their property, but eventually they get foreclosed on, after their attorney can’t file further appeals. I have helped homeowners facing such a dire situation avoid foreclosure, and in many instances, I’ve helped them stay in their homes. There are various alternatives to foreclosure. You don’t have to ruin your credit completely or jeopardize your financial future, over a foreclosure! If you or anyone you know is facing foreclosure, I can help you or them explore all the options! Time is of the essence, when facing foreclosure. Call me for a private and discreet consultation to discuss your personal situation. The call is free, the information you will receive, may be invaluable.

Buyer Specialist:
Today more than ever, home buyers need localized knowledge, which online property search websites simply don’t deliver. Armed with the right market knowledge and specific property information, my purchasing clients receive all the information needed by any prudent buyer, to make an educated purchase. Apart from property and market details, I help buyer’s understand how to negotiate the best loan terms on their purchase, which can often saved them thousands of dollars on the purchase.

Real Estate Investments:
Can 8 out of 10 US millionaires be wrong? I’ve assisted many of my residential and investors clients, build wealth through the purchase, control and selling of real estate. Several of my clients have paid for their children’s college education and have been able to secured a comfortable retirement nest-egg for themselves, through safe real estate investments. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! I can show you how!

Commercial Sales:
Opportunities are everywhere, if you know where to find them! I work with business owners and entrepreneurs, in the sale, purchase and leasing of commercial office space (including medical), retail stores, warehouses and light industrial properties. Have a business you are thinking of purchasing or selling? I can assist you with that too!

A little bit more about me…

I’ve been life-long resident of South Florida, and a proud REALTOR®️, since 1995. I can honestly tell you that I would not want to live anywhere else in the world, but here! South Florida, has so many things to offer! We have many vibrant communities that deliver a high quality life experience for its residents, great weather most of the year, the beaches, great sport teams, world class museums, year-around musical and cultural events, great shopping, major art festivals and a million other things that give flavor to life, and makes living in South Florida, a true joy. I was lucky to grow up here, and blessed with the opportunity to raised my own children here too! I’ve enjoyed a privileged career in real estate, working for some of the biggest and most important real estate firms in the United States, where I learned many valuable lessons, made extraordinary friends and earned the respect of my peers. Today, I am pleased to work with one of the most dynamic, successful and revolutionary real estate companies in the world, Morris Williams Realty.

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